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Egbert Taylor Group

The Egbert Taylor Group combines Smart Technology and innovation; delivering ongoing efficiency gains and operational effectiveness in an ever changing and evolving waste sector. Our diversity ensures the best and most comprehensive range of waste solutions available.

In partnership with customers we integrate technology into waste strategies to help create a streamlined and efficient operation. Fill Level Technology, GSM Networking, Route Optimisation, Bin Compaction, Maintenance and Asset Management; all of these elements create a system that provides a far greater insight into waste operations, leading to ongoing efficiency and resource savings.

Our path has taken us from being a manufacturer of the globally renowned Taylor bins through to a waste management solutions provider that harnesses the power of technology through multiple revolutionary brands.

Our path has seen us not only evolve with, and respond to, changing industry demands, but also become pioneers within the waste sector.

Our path will continue to see us create innovative solutions that meet the complex challenges of today whilst developing the waste technology and waste management solutions of tomorrow.

Taylor - World`s largest manufacturer of metal 4 wheeled galvanised bins, available in sizes from 500l upto 1280l.

Sellers - UK`s leading manufacturer of waste recycling containers, Hooklifts, Compaction Containers, Skip, RELs, FELs, Tipping Hoppers and Clothing banks, including bespoke designs.

Bigbelly - World leader in smart waste & recycling systems. What is widely referred to as `the world`s most hi-tech bin` enables municipalities to gain greater operational efficiency from their fleet and create a cleaner, greener environment.

netBin - With netBin, all Egbert Taylor Group customers can convert their traditional bins into intelligent bins in a matter of minutes, creating bin fleets that support: Fill level monitoring, planning, logging and analysis.

OMB - Including 2400L and 3200L side loading bins, providing an innovate and different way of collecting and managing your waste and refuse.

Mattiussi Ecologia - As the first company to introduce the Minimax container for the door-to-door collection of waste in Italy - a product that has since become industry standard in Italy and the UK - Mattiussi Ecologia has become renowned for its ability to develop and create innovative sorted-waste collection systems and containers.

Tamco - Taylor Asset Management Company (Tamco) has reinvented waste container fleet management by providing all organisations, from private sector contractors to local authorities, the opportunity to rent waste containers of the highest calibre instead of buying them.

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