Exhibiting at The Contamination Series

Eko Harden Technologies Ltd

EKOGRID™ technology for ground, ground water and sediment in-situ remediation. For effective removal of organic pollutants. Cost effective technology for private and public property developers.

Our patented products and technologies are based on utilizing electricity, or more precisely, electro kinetic and electrochemical reactions, that are cost-effective to use, simple to install, and safe to use both for the operators and the environment.

EKO/GRID Technology is used for ground and ground Water remediation to remove various organic pollutants and metallic contaminants as well as treatment of underwater sediments
and stabilation of soft, muddy sediments.

The key benefits of EKOGRID™ Technology:
-Based on natural phenomena
-No secondary pollution
-Low energy demand
-No chemicals needed
-No harm for fauna or wildlife
-Alternative/renewable energy source compatible

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